Unique Features

As per HEC guidelines, students from non-business background will be required to take additional courses related to business / management to meet any assessed deficiency (up to 30 CHs) of such courses in their bachelor / master’s degree.

Mission Statement

To develop individuals with entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge to create and shape opportunities that impact the industry and society.

Program Objectives And Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will develop specialized knowledge of the field

LO 1.1:  Students will be able to analyze the key concepts in the field

LO 1.2:  Students will be able to evaluate organizational problems

Goal 2:  Students will work in team settings

LO 2.1:  Students will be able to work towards achieving team goals

LO 2.2: Students will be able to demonstrate effective team behavior

Goal 3:  Students will learn to communicate effectively

LO 3.1:  Students will be able to communicate effectively in oral presentations

LO 3.2: Students will be able to create professional reports

Goal 4:  Students will value ethics in research

LO 4.1:  Students will be aware of ethical issues in research

LO 4.2: Students will be able to adhere to ethical standards while conducting research

Course Curriculum

Core Courses
Sr.No Course Code Subjects Credit Hours Related SDG Pre Requisite
1 MGT-819 Innovation and Technology Management 3+0
2 FIN-810 Entrepreneurial Finance 3+0
3 MKT-810 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3+0
4 MGT-817 Research Methods 3+0
5 OTM-841 Operations Management 3+0 8,12
6 MGT-848 New Venture Creation 3+0 9
7 MKT-858 Product Policy & Innovation 3+0 8
8 MGT-899/ BRP-888 MS Thesis / Business Research Project 6+0
Elective Courses
Sr.No Course Code Subjects Credit Hours Related SDG Pre Requisite
1 MGT-810 Managing Innovation and Creativity in Context 3+0
2 MGT-814 Innovation System and Risk Management 3+0
3 MGT-815 Eco- Innovation in Circular Economy 3+0
4 MGT-818 Business Model Management 3+0
5 MGT-822 Disruptive Technologies , Platforms and Sharing Economy 3+0 9
6 MGT-823 Design Thinking for innovation 3+0 9
7 MGT-862 Corporate Entrepreneurship 3+0 8
8 MGT-863 Social Entrepreneurship 3+0
9 MGT-864 Family Enterprise Management 3+0 8
10 MKT-855 Digital Marketing Strategy 3+0
11 MKT-819 Sales & Retail Marketing 3+0