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Department Of Finance & Investment

The world of finance with its innumerable career opportunities is an attractive choice for many top calibre graduates. The main objective of this specialisation is to develop students’ financial acumen to the highest level. The programme provides flexible qualification suitable for a wide range of careers in financial sector. The programme combines opportunities to gain specific knowledge and develop technical skills in international financial markets, investment, banking, and finance, with the enhancement of management skills relevant to the financial services sector.

NUST Business School (NBS) offers specialisation in Finance and Investments, both at undergraduate (BBA and BS A&F) and postgraduate (MBA and EMBA) levels. Career options in finance are diverse, and may include Corporate Finance and Banking; Risk, Asset, and Liability Management; Corporate and Derivatives Structuring; Private Equity and Treasury Management; Hedge Fund Management, etc. The business degree of NBS with Finance has already greatly helped our graduates to find jobs in top-notch financial and non-financial organisations in areas such as investment and securities brokerage houses, investment and banking companies, and retail and manufacturing firms.

At NBS, students are taught a diverse range of finance and accounting courses which are essential for any organisation dealing with financial management, as well as financial and managerial accounting, besides more specialized areas including Investment Management & Securities and Financial Analysis. The School also offers courses in contemporary and emerging areas such as Corporate Governance, Financial Risk Management and Islamic Banking.
The business finance courses at NBS are well-structured. Our system ensures that our finance graduates achieve a certain level of problem-solving, analytical reasoning, interpersonal, and decision-making skills, besides acquiring quantitative aptitude and proficiency in the use of computers. Candidly speaking, it takes a lot more than just good numeracy and English language skills to be a finance specialist.

NBS is one of the very few centres of excellence in Pakistan offering Mphil Leading to Phd in Business Finance. This degree program ideally trains students to join the ranks of nation-builders by choosing to become teachers, academicians or professional researchers. The research students learn a wide variety of finance-related subjects with a specific focus on modern research. It is only after passing through rigorous criteria that they are able to enter the research phase where they are required to complete a thesis under the supervision of an approved supervisor.

Head of Department Message

Mr. Saad Khan Al-Marwat

The Department of Finance at NBS is one of the leading departments with highly qualified faculty from reputed universioties of the world. A large proportion of faculty have international background. Within the BBA, BS (A&F) and MBA programs the Department is responsible for the specialization in finance. NBS also offers MPhil and PhD program in finance. At present, there are about 13 Ph.D and 18 MPhil students. The Department’s research covers the whole range of financial economics, including: Corporate Finance, asset pricing and financial econometrics, derivatives, risk management and mathematical finance. Career opportunities for finance graduates are quiet diverse but include positions with business corporations and non-profit organization with responsibilities in financial management, administration of funds, protection of assets, and investor relations, brokerages and investment companies with responsibilities in counseling clients, marketing financial services, evaluating and selection of securities for investment portfolios, and financial institutions with responsibilities in loan production, marketing financial services, and building client relations.

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