NUST Business School Alumni Council 2023-2026


Electing an independent body of Alumni by the Alumni at NUST Business School is an essential step in fostering lifelong connections and support among graduates. By creating a robust network of alumni, we provide invaluable resources for career advancement, mentorship opportunities, and professional development. Our Alumni Association serves as a bridge between past and present students, facilitating knowledge sharing, networking events, and collaboration on various initiatives. With the support and engagement of our alumni community, we can continue to elevate the reputation and impact of our Business School while empowering future generations of leaders.


Message by President


I extend a warm welcome to all members, both new and longstanding of the NBS Alumni Association. Together, let’s continue to foster a strong network, share insights, and support each other’s professional journeys. Here’s to building on our shared legacy and achieving even greater heights together.
“As President of our Alumni Association, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible impact our network has on the professional and personal lives of our graduates. Through mentorship, networking events, and ongoing support, our alumni community continues to thrive and excel in diverse fields. It’s truly inspiring to see the enduring connections and achievements that stem from our shared experiences at NBS. Together, we’re a testament to the power of lifelong learning and collaboration.”


Taimur Aziz
President, NUST Business School Alumni Association
Vice President HR & Admin- Nayatel Pvt. Ltd


Message by Vice President Engagement


My mission as Vice President of Engagement is to cultivate meaningful connections between students, faculty, and the broader community. Through strategic initiatives, I aim to enhance student involvement, promote academic collaboration, and champion a vibrant campus culture that values diversity, innovation, and lifelong learning.
Bilal Ehsan
VP Engagement- NUST Business School Alumni Association
Director Business Planning and Analysis SMS Pakistan


Message by Vice President Placement 


“As an alumna of NUST Business School, I can confidently say that NBS played a vital & transformative role in shaping my career journey. Twenty years ago, I embarked on my MBA journey with high expectations, and NUST Business School exceeded them at every turn. The rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with hands-on learning opportunities and mentorship from esteemed faculty members, equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive in the industry. Beyond the classroom, the vibrant campus life and diverse student community fostered a culture of collaboration, innovation, and lifelong friendships.
Today, as an Alumni Council Member, I am proud to give back to the institution that has given me so much. NUST Business School continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, preparing future business leaders to tackle global challenges with integrity, resilience, and innovation.
I am grateful for the foundation NUST Business School provided me, and I am excited to see the impact our alma mater will continue to make in the years to come.”
Farwa Husnain


VP Placement- NUST Business School Alumni Association
Chief Staff & Head of People Operations- Rayn


Message by Vice President Research


Being part of one of the pioneer batches, I witnessed firsthand the dedication of the faculty and NUST’s commitment to excellence. NUST provided me with a dynamic learning environment which enabled me to hone my skills and expand my knowledge. The rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with practical projects and industry exposure, prepared me to tackle real-world challenges with confidence. Beyond academics, NUST instilled in me values of hard work, perseverance and teamwork, which have really helped me in both my personal and professional life. Today, as I reflect on my time at NUST, I am grateful for the opportunities it provided and the foundation it laid for my success. I am proud to be an ambassador of this esteemed institution and am confident that NUST will continue to empower future generations of leaders and innovators.
VP Research- NUST Business School Alumni Association
Head of Human Resources- Tabadlab


Message by VP endowment


Serving as the VP endowment has been such a phenomenal experience for myself. The alumni association serves as a brilliant platform where the existing students and the alumni can interact for a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. Moreover, we aim to connect the phenomenal youth with the industry we operate in. The prime objective of our association is to foster relations between the Alumni and the Institute and strengthen the ties with the institutions the members/alumni are linked to.


Message by Treasurer


” As a proud alum, I witnessed firsthand the unparalleled education, mentorship, and diverse experiences that shaped not only my academic prowess but also my character. Join me in celebrating the enduring legacy of Nust Business Schoool and the remarkable journey it offers to all its alumni.”
Treasurer NUST Business School Alumni Association
Executive Talent Acquisition PTCL


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