Mission Statement

To prepare individuals to conduct research and contribute to the body of knowledge in academia and industry while adhering to ethics in research.

Program Objectives And Outcomes

Goal 1:  Students will be able to synthesize knowledge

LO 1.1:  Students will be able to evaluate existing knowledge

LO 1.2:  Students will be able to design methods to conduct research

Goal 2:  Students will create knowledge

LO 2.1:  Students will be able to write scholarly research articles

LO 2.2: Students will be able to present research at scholarly forums

Goal 3:  Students will value ethics in research

LO 3.1:  Students will be aware of ethical issues in research

LO 3.2: Students will be able to adhere to ethical standards while conducting research

Course Curriculum

Sr.No Course Code Subjects Credit Hours Related SDG Pre Requisite
1 MGT-817 Research Methods 3+0
2 MGT-831 Social Psychology of Organizing – People, Process & Context 3+0
3 MGT-830 Philosophy of Management Sciences Research 3+0
4 HRM-910 Advanced topics in Human Resource Management 3+0
5 MKT-910 Seminar in Marketing 3+0
6 FIN-911 Advanced topics in Finance 3+0
7 MGT-910 Advanced Qualitative Methods 3+0
8 MGT-911 Advanced Quantitative Methods 3+0
9 MGT-999 PhD Thesis 30+0
10 OTM-911 Emerging topics in Supply Chain Management 3+0
11 FIN-910 Quantitative Research Methods in Finance 3+0
12 HRM-911 Seminar in Leadership and Organization Behavior 3+0
13 MKT-911 Emerging topics in International Business 3+0
14 OTM-910 Advanced topics in Operations Management 3+0
15 ITE-910 Seminar in Business Information Systems 3+0
16 FIN-912 Advanced Accounting 3+0