About Us Message from Principal & Dean

Message from Principal & Dean

The 21st  century corporate world faces a set of unique and unparalleled challenges. Today, entire economies rise and fall with an unscrupulous blink of an eye and where media, education, technology and research have blurred physical boundaries. This in turn has translated into the need of a truly global and efficient workforce. Amidst this dynamic business environment, NUST Business School (NBS) is dedicated to transforming individuals into managers and business leaders who are ready to face the complexities of corporate world.The NBS has come a long way since its modest beginnings as NUST Institute of Management Sciences (NIMS) in 1999, however, its core philosophy of providing quality education and instilling a sense of responsibility in its students continues.
Our quest for quality and our sense of responsibility to expose our students to the leading thinkers in academia has led us to initiate an on-going cycle of visits by eminent scholars and professors from elite foreign academic institutions to NBS. These distinguished academicians have been making a vital contribution in academic and research audit alongside delivering lectures to the students. I am proud of our alumni who have entered the business domain and I am also certain that they serve as a major source of inspiration to our current students as well as those who aspire to be a part of this rich and rewarding experience at NBS.
Located in the Central Campus of NUST which spans over 700 acres in Islamabad, NBS is committed to providing state of the art facilities to ensure a creative and progressive academic experience. Our distinguished and highly qualified faculty not only possess an effective teaching skill-set, but also actively engage in research and consultancy in the field which creates an enriched learning environment. NBS believes in striking a balance through continuously updating our curriculum whilst enhancing our current programs to cater to the needs of the industry.

A holistic world class university experience is not possible without the contribution of an array of co-curricular activities. Different student societies ranging from sports and drama to debating and community services cultivate the inner talent of every individual at NBS. The school’s rigorous classroom training coupled with its extensive interaction with prominent scholars, industry leaders and alumni continuously challenges the students to strive for originality and excellence in their pursuits.

Dr. Naukhez Sarwar

Ph.D (The University of Manchester)

Discipline: Business Administration