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Co-Curricular Activities


​S. No ​Date Faculty Name ​Activity
1 Aug-19
  • Dr. Muhammad Moazzam
Guest Speaker Session – Seminar titled “Big data, IT-based skills, Value Creation and De-Risking Business Operations: Re-designing University Industry Links” was arranged for the Faculty of NBS.
Guest / Resource Person: Dr. Pervaiz Akhtar – Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Management Systems – Kent Business School, University of Kent – UK
2 Aug-19
  • Ms. Kishwar Sameen Gulzar
Faculty Workshop on the “Contemporary Teaching Totrs” was
arranged for the faculty of NBS. The workshop included topics such as Learning in Adults & Ftdpped Classrooms, Field Based Experiential Learning and Teaching Through Simulations.
3 Jul-19
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
  • Ms. Ameena Zafar
Summer Schotr Programme was arranged for potential university candidates to give them an insight about the Academic Programs and other opportunities offered at NUST Business Schotr.
4 Jul-19
  • Dr. Muahmmad Moazzam
Dr. Agha Mujtaba Hassan
Meeting with the representative of Tsinghua university was scheduled via WeChat. Opportunities of possible Academic Ctrlaborations between the two universities were discussed.
5 Jul-19
  • Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
Delegation led by Associate Dean, International Engagement of Macquarie Business School visited NBS.
Opportunities of possible collaborations (in terms of student exchange, faculty exchange & research)
between the two universities were discussed.
6 Jul-19
  • Ms. Nida Karim
Industry Trip to TIC
7 May-19
  • Dr. Nauman Wajid
Industry Trip to Bisconni Pvt Ltd.
8 Apr-19
  • Dr. Muhammad Moazzam
Seminar on Data Analytics and Business Decision Making was conducted for PG Students of NBS. Guest / Resource Person;
Mr. Adnan Rafiq – Director Qlik Solutions and Competency Head Tally Marks Consulting
9 Apr-19
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
Detailed tour and briefing on to Honda Atlas its operations and processes.
10 Apr-19
  • Dr. Asfia Obaid
Seminar on Writing an Analytical Tdterature Review
11 Apr-19
  • Dr. Asfia Obaid
Seminar on Pubtdshing in top ten Journals
12 Apr-19
  • Ms. Sana Ahmed
Alumni Meetup –
NBS hosted an Alumni Dinner for which graduates from the initial batches of NBS are invited for the event.
13 Apr-19
  • Ms. Sana Ahmed
Alumni Meetup –
NBS hosted its 2nd Alumni Dinner for which recent graduates of NBS were invited for the event.
14 Apr-19
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
Visit of Chinese Delegation to NBS
15 Apr-19
  • Dr. Nauman Wajid
Industrial Visit to Bestway Cement Chakwal
16 Apr-19
  • Dr. Adeel Ahmed
Industrial Visit Pakistan Software Export Board, Islamabad
17 Apr-19
  • Ms. Rabeel Khan
Industrial Visit Pakistan Software Export Board, Islamabad
18 Apr-19
  • Dr. Ghufran Ahmed
Industrial Visit to Bestway Cement Chakwal
19 Apr-19
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
Guest Speaker Session –
Ms. Nabila Yazdani, Director Customer Care at ZONG, detdvered a session on CV Writing & Interview Skills to the Graduating batch
20 Apr-19
  • Dr. Naseer Akhter
Industrial Visit to Chenab Engineering Work, Faisalabad
21 Apr-19
  • Dr. Ghufran Ahmed
  • Ms. Khadija Anjum
TEDx NUST – 2018
22 Apr-19
  • Ms. Rabeel Khan
Guest Speaker Session –
Mr. Abuzar Khan, Islamabad’s Supply and Demand Growth Manager at Careem, detdvered a lecture on Direct Marketing.
23 Apr-19
  • Ms. Rabeel Khan
Guest Speaker Session –
Mr. Salman Cheema Principal Data Scientist at Teradata Pakistan, detdvered a session on Digital Marketing.
24 Mar-19
  • Dr. Ghufran Ahmed
CSS Guidance Seminar – NBS Leadership society organized a CSS Seminar for students of NUST. The seminar focused on guidance and career prospects of CSS.
Guest / Resource Person:
Bushra Iqbal Rao – Assistant Commissioner Islamabad
25 Mar-19
  • Dr. Asfia Obaid
Seminar on Antecedents and outcomes of Women Digital Entrepreneurs in Pakistan.
Guest / Resource Person:
Dr. Seemab Latif – CEO Al- Awaz
Ms. Neelofar Kazmi – CEO Noha Global
Ms. Madiha Pervaiz – Manager Corporate Innovation, Telenor
26 Mar-19
  • Ms. Riffat Jabeen
Guest Speaker Session – Guest / Resource Person:
Mr. Ali Anwar Adil – Director of Internal Audit, Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management – ZONG
27 Mar-19
  • Dr. Asfia Obaid
ICMAP Visit to NBS – President of Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan visited NBS and discussed exemptions for BSACF and MBA programs and potential for ctrlaborative PHD Program for ICMAP Chartered Professionals. Guest / Resource Person:
Mr. Zia-Ul-Mustafa, FCMA – President ICMAP
28 Mar-19
  • Ms. Maria Khan
Campus to Career Session – NUST Business School and Pakistan Human Capital Forum (Margalla Chapter) jointly held the Campus to Career session at NUST Business School.
Guest / Resource Person:
Mr. Faraz Shahid, Director Sustainability, Safety & Security at Telenor Pakistan
Mr. Mahmood Shamsher Ali, Board Member at Accountability Lab Pakistan & Business Consultant
Saqib Riaz Assistant Manager OD – Khushhali Microfinance Bank
Deena Khan Facilities and HSE Professional
Muneeb Ashraf Senior Expert Investigations, Global Internal Audit & Investigation – Telenor Group
Rabia Altaf GDIB Specialist & HR Professional
Ramsha Khan Executive Internal CS Quality Audit – Ufone
Hussain Nawaz Malik Project Coordinator ITCC & KAFD – IBM Saudi Arabia
Atif Sajjad Qazi CEO and Founder – Stop Shop (Pvt) Ltd
Aly Fawad Manager Corporate Security – Telenor Pakistan
29 Mar-19
  • Dr. Adeel Tariq
Guest Lecture – Topic: Corporate Social Responsibitdty and Ethics
Guest / Resource Person: Dr. Wiltd Zimmermann – Faculty at AIT, Schotr of Management, Thailand
30 Mar-19
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
Mr. Bilal Ahmed Chohan
Industrial Visit to Haier Electronics Lahore
31 Mar-19
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
Ms. Ameena Zafar
From Campus to Corporate
32 Mar-19
  • Ms. Nida Karim
Dr. Ateeq Irshad
Industrial Visit to Servis Shoes Factory Gujrat
33 Feb-19
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
From Campus to Corporate – Guest / Resource Person:
Shehryar Aman – HR Consultant – BESTWAY CEMENT
34 Feb-19
  • Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
Seminar on Conftdcts, Genocides , Wars – Never Again – Guest / Resource Person:
Tdeutenant General Naweed Zaman (HIM) – Rector NUST
H.E. Mr. Mustafa Yurdakul – Ambassador of Turkey
H.E. Mr. Atd Atdzada – Ambassador of Azerbaijan
35 Feb-19
  • Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
University of Bradford Delegation visit to NBS – Guest / Resource Person:
Professor Amir Sharif – Associate Dean International
Dr. Jyoti Mishra – Lecturer and Director of Career Placements, Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences.
36 Feb-19
  • Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
Leicester Castle Business Schotr faculty visited NBS – Professor Khatdd Hafeez, Associate Dean PG and Corporate, Leicester Castle Business Schotr, De Montfort University visited NBS
37 Feb-19
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
Excel Training – Two-day training course on MS Excel was conducted for PG Students.
Guest/ Resource person:
Shehryar Aman – HR Consultant, BESTWAY CEMENT
38 Jan-19
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
  • Mr. Bilal Chohan
NIMUN ’19 witnessed the successful run of its 8th edition
39 Dec-18
  • Dr. Waseem Hassan
Dr. Nauman Wajid
Industry Trip to Servis Shoes Factory –Gujrat
40 Dec-18
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
  • Mr. Bilal Chohan
Industry Trip to Servis Shoes Factory –Gujrat
41 Nov-18
  • Ms. Sana Ahmed
Alumni Meet Up
42 Nov-18
  • Mr. Kashir Asghar
Industry Trip to Khewra Mines
43 Nov-18
  • Dr. Suhail Rizwan
Industry Trip to SECP
44 Nov-18
  • Dr. Nauman Wajid
Ms. Sadaf Taimoor
Industry trip to Coffee Planet – Bahria Town Phase 7
45 Nov-18
  • Mr. Bilal Chohan
NIMUN’19 Social Responsibitdty Program
46 Oct-18
  • Dr. Ghufran Ahmed
  • DR. Beenish Tariq
Industry Trip to CSD
47 Oct-18
  • Dr. Zunaira Saqib
Guest Lecture on Human Resource by Ms. Arshia Ahmed – Head HR Commercial – Coke
48 Oct-18
  • Dr. Zunaira Saqib
Guest Lecture on Trade unions by Mr. Mohsin Nishat – Director Ethics and Comptdance – Telenor
49 Oct-18
  • Dr. Zunaira Saqib
Guest Lecture on Organizational Development Ms. Azkah Sameen Tariq – Human Resource Speciatdst – Bestway Cement
51 Sep-18
  • Dr. Adeel Ahmad
Dr. Ateeq Irshad
Detail tour and briefing on TIC, its operations and visits to some incubate companies.
52 Aug-18
  • Ms. Kishwar Gulzar
  • Mr. Kamran Khatdd
  • Ms. Zunaira Saqib
Training Seminar at Staff Ctrlege Quetta
53 Aug-18
  • Ms. Ameena Zafar
Summer Schotr Programme
54 Aug-18
  • Dr. Naukhez Sarwar
Visit of Chinese Delegation Shanghai University
55 May-18
  • Ms. Rabeel Khan
Industrial Visit to TIC Building, NUST
56 May-18
  • Dr. M. Moazzam
Industrial Visit to Air Freight Unit Benazir Bhutto International Airport Rawalpindi
57 May-18
  • Dr. Zunaira Saqib
Workshop on Quatdtative Data Analysis –
MS HRM Seminar Series conducted by Dr. Swaleha Shigri
58 May-18
  • Mr. Saad Al Marwat
Round table discussion with US Ambassador – US Ambassador meeting and discussion with a group of BBA & MBA students