S.No ​MoU ​Outcome
​1 ​Abdullah Gul University, Turkey ​Two (2) students of BBA 2K17 are currently on semester exchange at AGU for Fall 2019 semester. (Details are mention in student exchange – outbound slide)Two students are invited for January – selection of students is under process.
​2 University of Nottingham, UK-MoA, 19th July 2018 ​Two students of BSAF 2K15 received 100% tuition fee waiver for Masters program
​3 ​The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) 2019 ​Twelve (12) students went on an Exposure Structure Program in April 2019.
Plan for another student exchange in March/April 2020.
Options for Germany are also under discussion.
​4 ​Macquarie University Australia ​Student exchange agreement under process (1 NBS student  for full semester exchange and three Macquarie students for three weeks each)
​5 ​Sabanci University Turkey ​Student Exchange agreement in process
​6 ​University of Houston, USA ​Student dual degree program & Faculty Exchange
​7 ​School of Business Process Management and Economics, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarks, Russia ​Student Exchange, Faculty Exchange & Research Collaboration
​8 ​Kadir Has University, Italy ​Two students exchange in signatory process
​9 ​Sapienza University of Rome, Italy-MoU, May 2018 ​Three (3) students secured admissions but did not proceed due to financial matters (unable to cover living expenses)
​10 ​Queen Mary University of London, UK-Letter of Intent, 12th July 2018 ​One (1) student secured admission but was unable to go due to financial matters (Unable to cover the living expense)
​11 ​Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan -MoU, 29th Nov 2018 ​Research collaboration discussions are in process
​12 ​Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania-MoU, 16th January 2019 ​Student exchange discussions are in process